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Etymology of "Charis"

We had, at one time, described the word "Charis" as being from the French root of the word "Charisma", meaning "grace". One of our web visitors, a teacher of Greek from Kavala, Greece has graciously provided us with a more accurate etymology.

"Charis" is a Greek word, still in common usage. It is a rich and meaningful name and well-chosen to represent what we strive for. In both Modern and Ancient Greek the word "Charis" retains the following meanings: "innate giftedness", "splendour", "inner grace", "charm", "gift", "talent", "beneficence", "courtesy", "gratitude", and "donation" (readers take note!), but has also come to mean "joy" and "mercy".

In Greek Mythology, "the Charites" were worshiped as goddesses protecting and promoting all kinds of joy and happiness, their names being "Aglaia", meaning "splendour", "Efrosyni", meaning "merriment and pleasant state of mind" and "Thalia" meaning "blooming life". As for the pronunciation in Greek it is "Haris" with soft "h" sound.

Many thanks to A.T. for her kind and gracious efforts to clear up this misinformation! Jeff Kelley, Charis Webmaster.

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